University Calendar Publisher FAQs

If I am a University Calendar publisher, how do I share an event to the Catalog of Opportunities?
Type "Catalog of Opportunities" in the "Tags" field in Localist. Be sure to press enter to select the existing "Catalog of Opportunities" tag (do not create a new tag). Your event will appear in the catalog within 24 hours. No additional approvals are required. Please note: When your event publishes in the catalog, it will not link back to the University Calendar posting. It is best to include all relevant details and information in the event description and/or event website field.

How can I verify that my event has been successfully published in the catalog?
After 24 hours, you can log in to the catalog and search for your event in the "Activities" tab.

If edits or changes are made to my event in the University Calendar after it is cross-published to the catalog, will the changes be reflected in the catalog? 
Yes. Please note that the calendar sync process runs nightly, so the changes will not be immediate (please allow 24 hours). Note that changes made in the catalog will not be synced to the University Calendar.

If edits or changes are made in the catalog to a cross-published event, will the changes be reflected in the University Calendar? 
No. If the details of an event are updated in the catalog, those changes will not be reflected on the University Calendar. Note that catalog editing access is limited to people with catalog "Publisher" status.

What kind of content/events are appropriate for cross-publication in the University Calendar and Catalog of Opportunities?
We encourage you to cross-publish any event that will enhance the co-curricular experience of our students. This will provide increased visibility for your student-focused events.

What are the benefits of cross-publishing from the University Calendar to the Catalog of Opportunities?

  • The catalog provides increased awareness and visibility for your student-focused events.
  • Programs that offer co-curricular credit to students can "adopt" your event and incentivize student attendance by offering "points" if they attend. Students can collect points toward a specific achievement or competency in their area of interest. 
  • Your event will be assigned a QR code in the catalog for students to scan and earn credit for attending. If students attend your event, their participation will be highlighted in their co-curricular portfolio in Suitable, which they can share with potential employers and others.