General FAQs

How is the Catalog of Opportunities different from other platforms like the OCC or Pitt Global?
The Catalog of Opportunities is powered by Suitable, which is the same platform used by the Outside the Classroom CurriculummyPittGlobal, Honors OCC, and Pitt Business OCC. The catalog displays the existing Suitable platforms in one unified view so that students can search all activities across multiple disciplines. The catalog also includes opportunities that don’t fall under a specific theme, as well as those that are not assigned a level or competency under one of the formal programs. Students can use the catalog to search and filter by keywords and phrases and also view in-progress achievement privately. The catalog is open to Pitt staff and faculty to contribute opportunities that are relevant for students.

What is the relationship between the catalog and the transcript distinctions?
The transcript distinctions require both co-curricular and academic coursework components. Students who are interested in pursuing a transcript distinction can use the catalog to search for qualifying co-curricular opportunities. Learn more about the Interdisciplinary Transcript Distinctions.

Who can use the catalog?
Current students at the Pittsburgh Campus—undergraduate, graduate, and professional students—can browse the catalog for engagement opportunities and offerings. Faculty and staff users can contribute relevant items to the catalog.

Do I have to have a email address to use the catalog?
Yes. Pitt faculty, staff and students will need to use their University Computing Accounts information (My Pitt username and password) to access the Catalog of Opportunities.

Can I add my events or opportunities to the catalog?
Yes. Faculty and staff users can contribute relevant items to the catalog.

How can I share my accomplishments/scorecard?
Within the catalog, students can generate a unique URL that they can share with mentors, advisors, and potential employers to showcase their co-curricular achievements and accomplishments. 

Is there anywhere else I can look if I have specific questions about using the catalog?
Yes. Suitable has a forum for navigating the platform. You can also email with any questions.